What is up with… alcohol sales restrictions?!

So we’re adults and we like to grab a beer from time to time. Well, here in New Caledonia, you’re pretty limited as to exactly when you can grab that beer. Due to crazy laws that I don’t understand, it is illegal to buy alcohol from the store – no matter what age you are – Wednesday after noon, Friday after noon, Saturday after noon, or Sunday afternoon. There are some problems with drunk driving, underage drinking, and whatnot here, but that’s grounds to ruin it for everyone? 99% of people buying booze are responsible adults and if the goal is to keep underage kids from getting beer or keeping drunks off the road, why not enforce the bloody laws already in existance?! I have yet to see one maniacal driver get pulled over for any reason. I’ve also never been asked for ID once when buying booze. I’m all for wanting kids to stay out of trouble and keep the roads safe, but I seriously doubt a law like this is going to stop them from getting what they’re after. Now we just stock up. And if you know where to look, you can buy beer any time of any day… I think for every new law like this they should repeal 2 old, equally ineffective ones.

I hope brewing beer after 2pm on a Saturday isn’t going to land me in jail…

2 thoughts on “What is up with… alcohol sales restrictions?!

  1. jhwordsmith

    I hear you. The Wednesday afternoon restriction is new and is, as you say, intended to keep youth (who are not at school on Wednesday afternoons) from buying alcohol. Did you see the article where the newspaper followed a youth around on a Wednesday shortly after the restriction went into place, and found that he was able to purchase 12 beers of 33 cl and 2 beers of 50 cl in 5 different stores in 1.5 hours? Yep. Businesses will sell to whomever they can. Restrictions like these punish the law-abiding. Like I keep saying, we’re in the 50s … http://newcaledoniatoday.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/prohibition-is-it-working-in-new-caledonia/

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