An Afternoon at Kuendu Beach

Kuendu beach is just a few minutes drive from downtown Nouméa so a few weeks ago we decided to check it out. It’s very easy to get to – from downtown, just take a left at the ‘T’ intersection near the hospital and follow Avenue James Cook. You’ll eventually see a sign and the public parking lot. There are also buses that go to the beach from Nouméa.

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Kuendu beach is a bit different from Anse Vata or Baie des Citrons in that it is very sheltered from waves and the sandy shallows go out quite far into the bay. There were plenty of people at the beach that day and one kind fellow was playing his music plenty loud for the entire beach to enjoy (/s). If you went on an off-day (weekday), I’d imagine it would be a good beach to bring the kids to since it is a bit smaller and more shallow and sheltered than some other beaches near the city.

Busy, sunny day at Kuendu

Busy, sunny day at Kuendu

There is a resort hotel at the northern part of the bay if that’s your thing but the public beach is the way to go for free, fun, ocean play. There were some stand-up paddlers about taking advantage of the clear, calm water.

Good day for it

Good day for it

The snorkeling here wasn’t stellar, mainly due to the shallow water. There was a lot of sea grass so I would imagine turtles may find their way in from time to time. There was some coral but not enough to justify an “epic snorkel.” We did see some small flounder laying on the bottom and plenty of smaller lizardfish and other reef dwellers.

A little reminder that there is still risk involved in playing in the ocean, even if everyone else is doing it, is evidenced by the lurking stonefish we spotted while snorkeling and the super-curious tricot rayé snakes that we’ve seen virtually EVERY SINGLE TIME we’ve been snorkeling in New Caledonia.

Don't tread on me.

Don’t tread on me.

Off to the sides of the bay you can hop out of the water and explore the rocky shores and find hundreds of snails, small crabs, and other creatures while you have a picnic away from the crowd at the beach.

Looking out from the bay

Looking out from the bay

All in all it was a nice, relaxing day (other than being chased by a curious snake).

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  1. jhwordsmith

    Nice post! The music is often loud there on the weekends and our son cut his foot open on some broken glass. So when we go, we wear our crocs and know it is not bound to be a quiet afternoon. 🙂


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