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îlot Canard II

It’s been a cloudy, windy, rainy winter here in New Caledonia. Sure, the sun still makes it way out some days, but it almost seems like we’re in the US Pacific Northwest sometimes… Since it’s our first year, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. The trees are green and the birds don’t seem to mind, but there’s something strange about wearing jackets and flannel shirts while you walk amongst palm trees.

With the cooler weather we’ve been doing more around the house instead of venturing around New Caledonia, but we have a bit of a backlog of activities from our summer to write about. Maybe some photos of sunnier days, tropical fish, etc. will help coax the sun out today. So, without further adieu, here are some photos that we took a few months ago from our second trip to Îlot Canard, just a quick boat ride from Anse Vata in Nouméa.





This was a big guy

This was a big grouper



Crawling along the coral

Crawling along the coral…

...trying to run...

…trying to run…

Trying to hide

… and trying to hide

And what do you know… the sun just came out.